Mind v. Body

Posted: May 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, why is it that whenever I start to get things together my side pain acts up?

We’re planned for a regular checkup colonoscopy on Thursday, and so of course, as soon as I pick up the disgusting prep stuff, my side starts hurting.

May Project is still go, but tonight isn’t going to be deep work. Everyone focus your mental healing powers on my colon, pancreas, pseudocyst or whatever it is that’s determined to sabotage me.

  1. Hey there, Chris’ step sis here. Mind if I forward your request for healing to my class in, uh, “alternative medicine”. They are a very powerful group of healers. They just like an address to send the healing energy to, if you are willing to share. It probably sounds odd, but the technique we do, we like to be able to really focus on the right place… would hate to accidentally send healing power to some other Douglass’ colon by mistake. (You don’t get on any mailing addresses or anything.)

    Hope you are feeling better soon,


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