Posted: May 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

So apparently the unsecured wireless network here at the hospital wants to protect me from the dangers of comic news, fart jokes, and personal blogging. Fortunately, I still have wordpress access through my iPhone, Factotum. So don’t worry, the blogposts will only be small for me.
Anyway, as I’ve mentioned (several times, apparently… Way to obsess, Doug!) I’m once more laid up in the hospital, wired up and NPO. (That means I don’t get to eat. Ah, the joy…) It looks like this time around we’re going all the way to surgery.
“So what does this mean for the May Project?” I hear you ask. Jeez, people, a little perspective here!
No, seriously, I don’t want to lose the momentum that I’ve, uh, thought about getting… And lying around in a bed all day does seem like a perfect opportunity to get some of that manuscript height we’re looking for here.
Can I do it? We’ll have to see. Today I slept all day, but that’s usually the first day agenda for any hospital visit. I brought my Concerta to keep me focused (hopefully I can get the okay for Diet Coke) and I’ve got all my notes. So tomorrow I’m going to give output a try.
Just had a chat with the local pessimistic surgeon, so now I’m going back to my all day nap. But at least we’re still on goal blogwise, so there’s always hope. More tomorrow.
Tomorrow: more.


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