Oops, I Think I Missed May. And June. And Most of July…

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Welcome to the newly rechristened AUGUST PROJECT!

Thanks to an obstinate colon and a prolonged vacation with minimal Internet, we here at Agenda Forty(TM) have somehow missed most of May and suddenly find ourselves about to bump into August. But that’s okay. We like August. Most of us (which is, y’know, only me, somehow getting carried away with the Royal We) were born in August. August is good.

So, the AUGUST PROJECT. It occurs to us as well that this particular August is a good one for the whole midlife-re-creation-organizational thingy what with it being our–sorry, my–fortieth birthday on the 17th. That’s where the new header “Agenda Forty” comes in, if you didn’t get that already.

Yes, I admit it. In fact, I wholly embrace my fortiness. Now I can stop saying that I’m thirty-nine and having people wonder how old I really am, Jack Benny be damned.

Those of you who were here before, back in that other month that we won’t talk about (it was May), might remember that I was calling upon all my readers (both of you) to lend succor and aid in my super mega awesome life plan. I’m still doing that.

“But wait,” I hear you cry, “didn’t we try this in May? What makes this new ‘August Project’ so much better?”

I am glad that you asked.

First, August is inherently better than May. More letters, no distracting federal holidays, named after the best Roman emperor… all sorts of goodness.

Second, with the May Project I was kind of winging it. I had some ideas, but it was still in the planning stages. With the new and improved August Project, I’ve got an outline. In real outline format. I’ve broken down May’s ephemeral good intentions into seven distinct parts, with numbers and letters underneath each. Apparently all those study skills courses twenty-five years ago just took a while to soak in.

Over the next seven days (not counting today, because I’ve already been rambling for, like, pages of your life that you will never get back) I’ll be posting sections of the outline and calling for commentary. Some parts need a little filling out, some still need answers to questions, others just are cool and you should read them. Then, by August, I’ll be ready with a fully-fleshed version 2.0 outline that we’ll all take into August with us as our Marauder’s Map to Doug’s Life. (Yes, you must all solemnly swear to be up to no good.)

I know many of you have been waiting to be able to nag me again, and your time is almost here! We’re back to daily updates here and there’ll be plenty for all of us to do! Uh, mostly me, but at least a little stuff for you.

Here’s a free preview of the outline, delineating the seven major subjects.

1. Writing

2. Household

3. School (Teaching the boys’ school, not mine. I’m done with mine. No more, thank you, totally stuffed.)

4. Health

5. Kay

6. The Boys (Kieran and Corwin, not the Garth Ennis comic.)

7. Personal (Because that sounded better than “Potpourri.”)

See? Really! An outline!

Anyway, thanks for the time, thanks for coming back, thanks for bearing with that whole part where I kept referring to myself as “we.”


Tomorrow: Writing, which may in fact include something to do, something to read, and my idea for a  Bruce Springsteen musical.

  1. Alyssa says:

    I am there for ya, man. If my commentary makes your life better somehow, I will heap a big old load of commentary on ya! Feel the love!

  2. Rachelle says:

    Hey, I’ve been forty for over a year now and never managed to get my midlife crisis underway…or maybe I got an early start in my thirties? Anyway, I will read, reply, and laugh — I mean learn. Really, I meant learn (ahem).

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