Kicking It Homeschool

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s Sunday night, everyone’s going to be busy watching True Blood and getting ready for work, so we’ll be a little less talky than the last few times. That’s actually because there’s not a lot to today’s section, as the life changes required are fairly simple and easily implemented.

We’re talking about homeschooling. For those of you new to My So-Cal Life, Kay and I do classical homeschooling with the boys. As summer vacation ends, Kieran is entering 4th grade and Corwin is entering 1st. Since last year was somewhat of a crazy year at Casa Barre, we didn’t get as much done as we wanted, so we’re going to be hardcore this year.

What? Oh, you want the outline. Sure. Here we go.


1. Scheduling

2. Monday through Thursday: hard hours (9a-12p.)

a. Balancing Kieran and Corwin’s work

b. How much prep do I have to do and when?

3. Kieran beginning self-motivated work/homework

As is evident from the outline, this is one of those sections where I actually get to share a lot of the work. Kay’s our de facto head of curriculum. Kieran’s going to start doing more work on his own. But my part is the core school time: 9am – 12pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. (This does not count the class time the boys have Monday afternoon or Phys Ed on Tuesday.) Rather than have our common stagger-out-of-bed-when-Kay-has-to-leave and a forty minute Diet Coke (ah, Diet RC, where did you go?) break, we’re going to be hitting these hours on the dot. If I can get up at 5am on Wednesdays, I can get up at 8:45am during the week.

I also want to make sure my prep is done before school, and so that’ll probably require a Sunday night review.

But other than that stuff, this aspect of life is pretty well figured out.

Enjoy the night’s break, because tomorrow’s gonna be a doozy.


Tomorrow: A doozy. We talk about my health (which is better) and what I need to be doing (which is a lot.)


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