If You Read The Boring Stuff, I’ll Tell You A Star Wars Joke I Just Made Up

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

(To make things easier to parse, I’m going to break blogs when necessary into “Progress” and “Project” sections… the former detailing how successful I’m being, the latter being the things I want to work on and any assistance you can proffer. This way if you don’t have a lot of time before your boss comes by to ask you to actually get work done, you can pick the part of it you most want to read.)


So, how did yesterday’s August Project inaugural go?

I’ve got this checklist app for reminding me of all the things to get done, from the simple (“brush teeth”) to the strenuous (“take a fifteen minute walk”) to the ineffable (“Were you AWESOME today?”). I got them all marked. Yes, even the awesomeness one. I even exercised. Go me. Total rockage.

I’ve been appreciating the comments on Nine Dead Suns so far… interesting perspectives that I am pouring into my brain bowl and whisking. One of the best writing metaphors I ever heard came from Stephen R. Donaldson in an afterword to one of his Gap novels. He said that ideas were like balls bouncing around in his head–lotto number style–and that most of the time each idea in and of itself was not enough, not new enough, to write about… but when two of the balls impacted, sometimes they stuck together… two ideas that hadn’t ever been put together in that way before. Then perhaps a third ball hit, or two others, and after a while, a novel was born. Nine Dead Suns was the combination of several balls that had been in my head for years, just put together differently. There are still a few more small balls that need to hit, though, and getting your feedback puts them into play. If, in the end, I get the Lost numbers, I’m playing them and I’ll share the Powerball jackpot with y’all. (This is not a binding contract nor a promise to actually give anyone anything except vociferous thanks. Unless I with the lottery in a non-metaphoric sense and have more money than I know what to do with and I end up giving out free money on my blog to everyone who posted.)


I was going to write about the challenges I’m having with the new homeschool year today, but my boys went and surprised me and we got everything done in the allotted time without any major blowups. So, while I’m sure we’ll have some problems that I’ll want to address, I’m not going to mess with success.

Instead, I’m going to bring up an easy, kinda fun part of the enrichment process we call the August Project… my reading plans. Admittedly, this week I’ve got over a month of comics to get through, so it’ll give you some time to think and respond. Still, I’m determined to keep up my prose reading (if only because it’s supposedly the key to better writing) and I want to broaden my horizons. I read more than enough epic fantasy, so I’m trying to expand my repertoire. I read an Ed McBain novel last month, as well as Of Mice And Men. I’ve got The Deerslayer on my bookshelf for my next read. But I want more. Preferably fiction, but not exclusively.

So: what books did you find the most enriching? (Not necessarily your favorite, but something that you think has something of value to it. I love pablum, but I need literary vegetables. But yummy vegetables. No broccoli, no Silas Marner. But I’d love to run across a Foucault’s Pendulum or a Special Topics In Calamity Physics… except, y’know, one I haven’t already read.

You don’t even need to explain it if you don’t want to, you can just post the book. (Though I’ll be more likely to put it on my list if you sell it, baby.)


Q: What do you call an invisible droid?

A: See-Thru-Pio

Thanks for all the feedback so far, can’t wait to see your book recommends! And don’t stop if you’ve got more to say about Nine Dead Suns… there’s no deadline. (That means you, Ed.)


Tomorrow: Okay, if the boys are doing school well, we can talk about what to do with them for fun.

  1. Laura says:

    OK, I am finally caught up. I like the joke, but don’t let that go to your head because I was born without a sense of humor. Glad you are working on your awesomeness. This is inspiring!

  2. Kelli says:

    Book suggestions…Anything by Christopher Moore, one of the best comedic storytellers I’ve ever had the pleasure to read (my personal favorite is “Lamb: The Gospel according to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal”)…The Shack (wonderfully heartwrenching and completely different). Also for lighter but very enjoyable reading…the Percy Jackson series and “The Red Pyramid” the first book of a new series by the same author. Great reads.
    I am also intrigued by your snippets of NDS, so if you’d care to add me as a reader, I promise to do the best I can to help with input.

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