Three Stupid Brain Things

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yes, I already posted. But now it’s after midnight, so this counts as tomorrow’s post. Well, today’s post, now that it’s tomorrow. Shut up, I’m still catching up. Anyway, here are three stupid brain things that have come out of my brain. Understand me, and learn fear. Well, more like nervous bemusement, I guess.


It was really bugging me that when I got Robyn’s new EP my favorite song was “Hang With Me (Acoustic Version)” and yet there was no non-acoustic version. I know. I checked. Today, for my birthday, she released her new single of “Hang With Me,” sans parenthetical definition. I much prefer the acoustic version, but my worldview is made much happier by the fact that is now actually an acoustic version of something, y’know, non-acoustic.


I am really good at not eating too much until about 10pm. After that, I lose whatever self-control I seem to have had during the day. Maybe it’s because there’s no one around to notice. Maybe it’s because I actually have both hands free from keeping my children from sitting on each other. Maybe food tastes better in the dark. I don’t know. I think that I need to add the checkbox “Didn’t eat anything after 10” to my daily checklist.


So the other day, I realized that what I most wanted to be doing was freeing the planet Mongo from its evil overlord, Ming the Merciless. To be clear here, I didn’t want to watch the movie Flash Gordon–which I often want to do–no, I actually wanted to put on a cool red t-shirt and ride around on the jet scooter trying to rally the various tribes of Mongo to join my rebellion. After thinking about this for far too long, I decided that I would be rocketed to Mongo with Kate Nash as my plucky girl Friday and Grant Morrison as my mad scientist. While I couldn’t quite bring myself to uncast Max Von Sydow, I did muse for an unfortunately long time about how Wallace Shawn would do as Ming. Seriously, people, this is what my mind does. Like, all the time.


Tomorrow: How is the rest of the August Project going? If you ask really nicely I’ll tell you.

  1. Rachelle says:

    If it makes you feel better, Martha and I spent fifteen minutes last night discussing whether or not it should be legal for Yellow Cabs to any color other than yellow. And then we drifted into whether there should be red-colored Green Cabs for color-blind people…

  2. Rachelle says:

    Also, today in the grocery store we saw a sign that said “The next time you hit the wall, hit back!” (Sports drink) Martha instantly says, “But the wall didn’t hit you, you hit it. Why are you going to hit it BACK! It should hit you!”

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