Not Funny, Just Sentence Fragments About Stuff

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

I keep failing to write about blah blah birthday blah things being done.

Today I spent a bit of time trying to wrangle the giant morass of ideas about the CCC novel into a manageable six or seven plotlines. Ha, good luck with that. Actually surprised which series made the cut. Yes to Jane Crow in Witch Undercover, yet strangely no to Resume God. Not going to use Badlands of Avalon, yet somehow Dalton Mensa, Literary Assassin got green-lighted. What am I talking about? More on CCC later. I’m just playing around while I wait to redraft Nine Dead Suns.

I’m waiting a week or so before diving into the NDS redraft. It’s going to take elbows-deep, it looks like.

This week I’m going to start drawing something. Got cartooning books and everything.

Laurie and Kay unpacked all the books into the office today. They rock. Now I have all the books I couldn’t find. Except books 4 and 14 of the Oz series. Deciding whether or not to work up to a reread of Foucault’s Pendulum. Widening reading horizons with Dickens, Chesterton, Lem and Pynchon. Also the new Wolf Girl novel from Martin Millar. Tried Cooper’s The Deerslayer and the first two pages put me to sleep. Try again later.

Rock Band 3 setlist came out. I am now listening to new music as if it were homework. I have two months to learn to tolerate Anthrax, Rammstein and the Doobie Brothers. (I will never tolerate the Doobie Brothers. Mark my words.) Pleasantly surprised to discover Dover and Poni Hoax. Also pleased that the theme from Sharktopus (by the Cheetah Whores) is available. SHARKTOPUS!

Ahem. Going to poke at big pile of books while listening to Free Bird.


Tomorrow: I try to be funny again, and maybe even have a theme.

  1. Laurie says:

    Erm….there are some more boxes of books in the garage…

  2. MHPayne says:

    Chimerical Comics making a Comeback?

    A good thing, sir. A very good thing.


  3. MHPayne says:

    And as long as I’m writing stuff:

    Mark Twain has a fine venomous essay about the shortcomings of James Fenimore Cooper You can check for the text of it. As for some good books, have I recommended to you Daniel Abraham’s Long Price Quartet? A Shadow in Summer, A Betrayal in Winter, An Autumn War and The Price of Spring. The best fantasy series of this young millennium, I call it.

    Mike Again

    • blackflak says:

      You know, I’ve got two copies of Shadow in Summer sitting on my shelf right now. I’m quite eager to read the series (so much so that I’ve bought the first book twice, apparently), having quite enjoyed his parts of the recent Wild Cards trilogy… but for some reason, thirteen months after the publication of the hardcover, the final book remains unreleased in paperback. Now, I’m perfectly willing to admit that this is an aesthetic problem on my part, being that I want to have all four books available to my grubby hands when I desire them, and that they all be in the same format. Does your library power (or ordering catalog) have any info that the lying beast that is doesn’t have?

      • MHPayne says:

        We still have:

        That 4th book in the “new” section at the Main Library and don’t have a copy of the 3rd anywhere in the system. So I fear we’ve proven ourselves less than helpful in that regard.

        Still, Abraham writes at that Tor won’t be doing a “mass market” edition of the 4th book. But Jo Walton then posts at the end of the comments section that she has it “on good authority” that there will eventually be a paperback edition, and she put that post there on July 4th.

        So it remains a fiendish mystery.

        Mike Again

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