Posted: August 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

The other day, my good friend Janet posted something to the effect of “how do I possibly juggle my girls’ school, my work, my household, etc…” and I, my usual snarky self, answered “put down the flaming torch and the chainsaw, I hear that makes it easier.”

So, because I have that disadvantage of “bard’s tongue,” when I say something like that, it’s usually prophetic and comes back to bite me on the ass.

Yesterday, I passed on an all-day game of Arkham Horror to use my office for the first time and get some red penning done on Nine Dead Suns. Over the course of four hours, I got forty-seven pages thoroughly marked up. (This is good! Yay for me!)

Needless to say, I was exhausted afterwards, and required serial television drama to recharge me. (Two episodes of Rubicon, which is tres awesome, and only exhaustion forced me to deny Kay’s request to watch a third!)

Today, Monday, we’re back to school schedule. The morning’s going to be spent doing the boys’ coursework (and we’re only up to Latin at 10:20am as I write this!), then in the afternoon we have to get the school room cleaned and have a meeting with our educational facilitator. Then Kieran’s asking to get to play that Arkham Horror game we’ve been promising and not delivering for, oh, two weeks now.

The catch? I want to do some more work. My office was soo nice… seriously, here’s a picture:

But the likelihood of getting time to do that today is slim. Tomorrow’s Tuesday, so between PE and going to bed early, not much likelihood there either. Especially if I do as I promised and start in on a big push on exercise/health as I had planned to this week. And that’s not even counting my interest in getting some drawing done in hopes of working towards a webcomic.

Suddenly I find myself looking at the torch in one hand and the chainsaw in the other, and knowing that the ball in the air is either going to get burned or cut in half.


Tomorrow: I have a pressing need to talk about sleep. I usually have sleep problems, but this week I’ve got an all-new one.

  1. Kasheri says:

    Ooh, ooh, I was mentioned! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

    I am impressed that you’re aiming for an exercise/health push. Good for you! I so need to get regular exercise back into my schedule, but it seems the only option is to get up earlier and, as God is my Judge, I just can’t seem to get myself to do it. I’m so tired already!

    I love the neon Flash symbol. How long have you had it? I’ve spotted Flash and Galactus, but can’t pin down Elvis. Did the blessed Laurie help you to get your work space set up so nicely?

  2. Laura says:

    Elvis pez dispenser?

  3. Kay says:

    Hey! Where’s the last two day’s worth of posts? Post!
    And then get back to editing.

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