Revising? I don’t remember vising the first time.

Posted: September 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, just finished a couple of hours of concerted red pen revising of Nine Dead Suns. Here are some stupid brain things that came up in the process.

1. God, I love commas. See, look, there was even a comma in that last sentence. And two in the one after it. Stop me before I ever type another comma. Really, I mean it.

2. I am apparently not as stupid as I think I am when I read my work. Several of the questions that I had about the story actually did get answered after all, and not simply left there like a Claremont X-Men subplot.

3. Good music to write to: ABBA. Ting Tings. CSS. Imogen Heap. And, most of all, Stevie Nicks. Must stop having impure Stevie Nicks thoughts one of these days.

4. Holy hell, revising is mentally exhausting! No wonder I never did it before! I’m familiar with physical exhaustion, and I’m familiar with emotional exhaustion, but mental exhaustion is actually kind of new. Rather than want to sleep, though, it apparently makes me want to watch television.

5. I cannot count. We will now take bets on how far off my chapter numbers are by the time I get to the end of the manuscript. So far, 2, and that’s at page 100.

6. Yes. I am at page 100. I hit the wall at 93, but I bulled on to 100 because that’s the kind of anal-retentive double-sized holofoil cover guy I am.

7. Bad writing music: Nick Cave (too much story), Loreena McKennitt (too soporific), Air Supply (oh my god, too embarassing).

8. You know, I really really really want to actually sit down and write something one of these days. Unfortunately, between revision (Nine Dead Suns) and research (CCC), I don’t have anything on the queue. Maybe I’ll crank through and do that Pathfinder story contest when no one is looking.

If you haven’t read the last blog post, by the way, I’ve got a few questions for readers in it, so go check that out now that you’re done listening to my useless twaddle post.


Next: Dunno. Gotta watch some TV before I can think again. Hopefully bad TV.


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