Fork In The Road

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Wow. Exhausting day. Too much boys, not enough silence. Heck, even an Amok Time/Mirror, Mirror double feature can’t keep them quiet today. Not productive day outside of kick-ass household work getting done while they avoided their handwriting.

Tomorrow is Wednesday*, so work all day (but good work) and then Cub Scouts with Kieran where he will teach eight-year-olds to play Magic: The Gathering. Start of day: 5am. Expected end of day: 6pm. Tomorrow not likely to be a productive day either.

Fortunately, we then hit the weekend (and not a gaming weekend, either!) so I’ll hopefully be able to get some progress done on AGENDA FORTY stuff. I’m at the halfway point on Nine Dead Suns red-penning, and hope to get a good fifty more pages at least this weekend. Still, I’ve been doing a little research about getting one of my other projects done… and so I come to a fork in the road. Remember back at the end of July when I was poking at the ideas of doing a webcomic or programming iPhone apps? Well, here’s where I am:

1. Webcomic. To do this, I’ll need to get some art practice in, and I’ll need to figure out some way to draw digitally. (I’m not a fan of the amount of time and effort drawing on paper, then scanning, digitally editing, etc. will take. Let’s cut out some of the middle-work.) Then I need to do the whole how-and-where of posting it, finding the time to do it regularly, etc., etc. So, the cons: Lots of time and work. The pros, of course: creatively satisfying.

2. App programming. Here, I’m a lot closer to just diving right in… except for the major stumbling block of not being able to do any of it on my computer. Xcode is Mac only, and while uberhousemates Josh and Laurie are willing to give me Mac time, the more leisurely hobby of programming in my spare time and having a final product that might actually make some money isn’t going to be as flexible as I had hoped… me, my laptop, an afternoon in the park… I really enjoyed doing programming when I was a younger, less technologically obsolete man… but it’s been a while. The thrill might not still be there. Still, it would be nice to actually have a reading/writing tracker that did what I wanted it to…

So, since I still want to keep most of my focus on the writing, I’m really only likely to be able to squeeze in one productive hobby in my life. Which one do I start puttering at?

Not that I’m necessarily going to, y’know, listen or anything, but here’s a poll for y’all to see what you think I ought to put some time into:

If you’ve got a good line of reasoning why your answer is right, do tell me. I like being convinced.


*Tomorrow: Yes, I know it’s not literally Wednesday, but in my life, New Comic Day is Wednesday and the rest of the week follows suit

  1. Laura says:

    Make an app. See if you enjoy it. Get a quick, concrete success under your belt. And you can always change your mind!

  2. Laura says:

    Btw, front page article in the Wall Street Journal today is about Apple having to loosen its control over software development for iPhone and uPas apps. Maybe this obstacle is going away!

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