Productive Avoidance

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

After several very productive weekends, it was about time I hit a spot of productive avoidance.

You know the thing… you’ve got a project to work on, but first, the kitchen really needs a good thorough clean. And then there are those card boxes that you’ve been meaning to sort through forever. And of course, the wife wants you to put together the graphics for the Sunday service, so you put longer than you need in to finding fonts you can use for it.

Probably a reaction to the whole hobby dilemma, and maybe a little to the exhaustion of the past few weekends of work… but these last five days or so have been very productive yet very avoidant. (Is that a word? Give it a name.)

On the plus side, I dumped out two bags full of old cards that will never be used, never be sold, and aren’t even worth the fun of sorting. Massive kitchen clean done (for the day it took to undo, but in the meantime, it was nice.)

But still, productive avoidance is still avoidance. So once Kay gets back from her three-day retreat, I’m hoping to retreat a little myself and get back on track. Please take this as your cue to bug, nag, wheedle and motivate. Thanks!


Next: (Not tomorrow, because we seem to have less to cover when I don’t get anything done…) Brandon Sanderson makes me face mortality.

  1. Alyssa says:

    You can actually feel good about this. *EVERYONE* has avoidance. The fact that yours was productive at all is actually a high point. Also, much like exercise, you can’t just jump in full tilt. You go, you take a day off while the sore undoes itself. Then you go, then a day off. Otherwise you hurt yourself, or in this case, burn out and stop completely. Your jumping back into life full tilt is wonderful – no one begrudges you a few down days. But when the ‘soreness’ of being good has eased back, time to go be good again.

    Another thing is that when you try to change everything at once, it is often difficult to keep track of the 10 new things to do every day. You have been doing quite an admirable job of getting at least half done, and sometimes more. Just keep on that track – soon it will be 6 with the occasional 7 up until you really *can* do everything you want to and then you *will* do everything you want to.

    tl;dr a break is fine. now move it.

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