J’Accuse! Slacker!

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yes, it’s been forever since I blogged.

The last few weeks have been one of those everything-interrupts periods of time when despite being in a bunch of good habits, I nonetheless failed to get anything done. Was I frustrated because of the programming problem? Sick of red penning? Constantly required to actually pay attention to my children? A little of everything, really.

But–and this is a hard-learned lesson for me–just because you stop doing things perfectly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get back on track. It’s too easy for me to go “Ah, hell, guess I blew that August Project thing, might as well stop working so damn hard at it.” (In my mind, I curse a lot.)

So today’s a back on track day. Just got out of several hours in the office… red penned sixty-seven pages, only sixty-five to go. I need to finish Nine Dead Suns soon because my brain is just desperately crying to work on something new. To write something. And I promised not to do that until I got the next draft finished and out working for me. Probably on the street, swinging one of those arrow-signs around. November is going to see me throw myself at Nanowrimo again, and I can’t stop thinking about what to do for that. I’ve also been getting the urge to dip my toe back into the comic industry too… and now might be a pretty good time to do that.

Tonight I’m going to work harder at getting back to all the regular household routines, too. I’ve been failing to make my bed, and I think it’s been having a negative effect.

So, for those of you who have been bored by the long weeks of silence here, I charge you with this: BUG THE HELL OUT OF ME IF I’M SLACKING OFF! I need a good hard kick in the ass every so often. Apparently, the harder I work, the more often I need one to keep me on track.


Tomorrow: Yes. There will be a tomorrow. I mean, on the blog. And in real life. Tomorrow will happen everywhere. Promise.

  1. Laura says:

    It’s about time. I was starting to wonder what the most effective channel for nagging would be. Facebook? Email? Phone call? Please specify!

    But very glad to see you getting back on track!!

  2. MHPayne says:


    It occurs to me right now that I should’ve shown you the proposal I sent off two weeks ago to Image for the re-drawn Daily Grind series. Would you be willing to take a look at the stuff anyway? I mean, you’ve been through this process before… šŸ™‚

    That Mike Guy

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