The Desperate Yearning For Something New

Posted: September 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m cranking through Nine Dead Suns to get a draft done before Nanowrimo. Actually, the deadline I’m setting myself for having it done is October 25. Obviously from October 26 through the 31st, I’ll be playing Rock Band 3 24/7. (Yes, Kieran, you may rewrite that as Rock Band 6 3/7. Sorry. We’re in the middle of fractions.)

Anyway, that leaves me a good month to finish the next 65 pages of red penning, take a week to really hash out the timelines that need to be tightened up, and then spend the rest of the time on the rewrite. A good month’s worth of work. So, of course, one might expect my mind to be tightly focused on the minutiae of the Nine Dead Suns multiverse, right?

Ah, how well you know me… not.

When I was finishing Clay Souls back in ’93, I spent most of my time in the car yearning to write a project called Mad Gods and Englishmen. I mean, I was living and breathing that project, and Clay Souls was an albatross around my neck. Sadly, by the time I finished Clay Souls, Mad Gods had stewed in my head for too long and gone bad. Fortunately, a few years later, Neil Gaiman wrote it and called it American Gods. (Seriously, if you read my notes from ’93-4 and then read Gaiman’s novel, you’ll see that we were apparently bathing in the same pool in the collective subconscious. Still, if someone’s going to write your great idea, you can’t go wrong with Neil Gaiman.)

Anyway, I’m determined to finish Nine Dead Suns, so of course, my mind is desperately craving something new. Fortunately November’s Nanowrimo will give me a chance to do just that… but now I’m in that annoying period of time where I just want to think about anything but what I’m working on. ADD, thank you so much. At least I haven’t come up with the new idea yet… so there’s still hope that I can keep my mind out of my mind and on my work.

At least I wrote a blog. That’s something.


Tomorrow: Busy school day, so who knows what mood I’ll be in by the time I blog. Let’s just call it Potpourri.


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