“He Said,” He Intoned.

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

So. Got much good advice so far on my first Nine Dead Suns draft. Very much of it helpful, very much of it in line with my own thoughts on the writing.

And then there were these two pieces of advice, paraphrased because I’m too lazy not to:

“You use too many creative dialogue tags,” the first person suggested. “Just use ‘said.’ Anything else is distracting.”

“You use the word ‘said’ too often,” the other said. “It’s distracting.”

“…” I said, imitating an anime character.

Next time I write a screenplay.


Tomorrow: Cub Scout Pack Meeting, so late blog.

  1. MHPayne says:

    That’s the best part:

    About asking for comments on a piece of writing. It’s also the best part about giving comments on a piece of writing–knowing that somewhere out there, someone is offering the writer comments of the exact opposite stripe. It’s physics, I think.

    That “All About the Saids” Mike Guy

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