I Talk About Stuff That Has Nothing To Do With Each Other

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Tomorrow is the last red pen day for NDS Draft 1. Sunday I want to write something. I have new parts I want to write, so that works out.

Did you ask me for a copy of the first draft and then not get it? I thought I sent it out to people, but I’ve discovered some people didn’t get it. Trying to find out who sucks: me, the Internet, or AOL.

Stephen J. Cannell died today. Creator of Wiseguy, Greatest American Hero, Rockford Files, as well as other things. I don’t know if it was his ability to make strong concepts entertaining or entertaining concepts strong, but he made a huge impression on me growing up. The plotty serial arcs on Wiseguy are one of the models I hold up to this day of great structure. When I read the news today, I was quite honestly astonished by how depressed it made me that he was no longer with us.

I’m going to need to refocus my Agenda Forty a little. I’ve been hitting the writing and household marks really well. My health followup hasn’t been bad, but it could use a little tightening. Still trying to find ways to make money that don’t involve my selling my organs (mostly because my organs are no longer in mint condition, and eBay won’t let me sell them anyway. Only Magic: The Gathering cards, apparently.)

Yes. I have no theme, through-line or running gag today. Deal with it. No one reads this on the weekend anyway.


Next: Oh, and I need to get back to reading prose fiction. Falling behind my 52-in-52.

  1. Kay says:

    But… I read it…. 🙂 Love you!

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