What I Did In Life Today, By Doug Barre, Age 40

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Three and a half hours of sleep last night, and no comic fix. It was not going to be a productive day.

Get the boys to PE, I told myself. Get them there and make them run. Let the already sick-delayed classwork wait one more day in favor of you squeezing the energy to get off the couch and corral them to the car by the time they need to go to play flag football. That is parenting. Check.

Make something for dinner. Mm! Chocolate chip squares! Yummy! Oh. That’s not actually a real dinner. Pasta then. And sauce. So we had dessert first, we got balanced in the end. Check.

Pick up an actual thesaurus and try to get the title for your Nanowrimo figured out… oh, baby, that is sooo check:

"The Ironclad Alibi"

This is the cover I made for my Nanowrimo novel.

I’m pitching it as “what if Aaron Sorkin wrote Iron Man, where there’s almost no superhero fighting or action, just a lot of people talking and walking around an office debating semantic points and dealing with their own baggage.”

I even made a .sig graphic for the Nanowrimo message boards:

So now you can see how awesome my Nanoreadiness is getting.

But wait, I hear you cry… what about finishing Nine Dead Suns?

Oh… did I forget to mention? I just so happened to have started an all-new chapter on that tonight, three pages in, dealing with a completely new encounter with a Collector that didn’t make it into the first draft. Takes place at Livingston Mall. So, y’know, check.


Three and a half hours of sleep last night, and no comic fix. Someone needs to go to sleep.



Tomorrow: I want to start picking your heads about drawing tablets and drawing software. Fill them with knowledge of these things so my picking can bear fruit.

  1. Rachelle says:

    Well, I’m impressed. My big accomplishment today was cleaning out my car…Although, if you saw my car before you’d probably applaud. Oh, and I took Martha to her Driver’s Ed lesson (how scary is that!). Afterwards, I needed a nap.

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