Posted: October 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, as they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

As October winds down towards Nanowrimo, and as this whole project approaches the three month mark, there are some patterns evident.

Pattern #1: Every so often I need a kick in the ass.

When I started this, I was on top of everything, very fastidious. Every morning make the bed. Every night a whole checklist of sleep prep. But as things happen–getting sick, financial turmoil, that sort of thing–the details start to fray. That’s when it becomes easy to lose track of them. Usually I don’t notice (because, y’know, if I did, I wouldn’t be losing track, right?) but fortunately I have incredibly lazy blog readers to remind me and kick my ass when I start not posting and such. (Heh. Yes, passive aggressive sarcasm at my readers. No wonder I’m making single digit hit graphs!) Anyway, the real point is that I need to get that boot every so often. November, as well as being Nanowrimo, is a boot month. Back to August levels of compliance. Starting a diet. Daily blogging. Making the bed every morning.

Pattern #2: My first Nanowrimo idea is never my final Nanowrimo idea.

So, at the beginning of October, I always come up with a great Nanowrimo idea that I’m tremendously eager to get started on. Of course, then I worry it in my brain like a dog with a Jimmy Chu and by the time Nanowrimo is about a week away, I’m bored with it. Part of the huge joy of Nanowrimo is the self-containedness of it, the fact that you can start and finish something with only a month’s investment. It’s a chance to do something new. Something that isn’t going to necessarily be years of work. So I want to do something on a whim. Not something that’s been done to death in the torture chambers of my brain. So. Having put weeks of thought into The Ironclad Alibi, I need something different. No problem. Ten days to come up with a novel idea? I like a challenge.

Pattern #3: Wednesdays make everything better.

I missed last Wednesday being sick. As the week without new comics crept along, I became grumpier and grumpier. (Okay, running out of brain meds didn’t help, either, but let’s focus on what’s important here.) I was getting no sleep, being stressy about everything… and then, yesterday, I went to the store for my normal Wednesday… and now, everything’s better. (Not really, but darned, it sure feels better.)

They say that a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Of course, that said, hobgoblins only have 1d8+2 hit dice, so hopefully putting a few ranks into pattern recognition should allow me to use this knowledge successfully and level up.


Tomorrow: T-minus four.

  1. Laura says:

    Re: pattern #1: here is another kick. Please post more!!

    Re: pattern #2: it’s Jimmy Choo, not Chu. And I can’t wait to read whatever you’ve come up with!

    Re: pattern #3: hope you had a great Wednesday!!

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