That’s a One-Nine-Four, Good Buddy

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, I’ve read about people having diet buddies, but I’ve never done it that way myself… y’know, short of dragging your spouse along with you when you’re dieting by no longer cooking them fatty stuff when it’s your night to make dinner.

But this time, having mentioned it casually, an old friend offered to buddy up. Taking her up on the offer, I figured that it’d at least give me some accountability, which as you all know from reading this is one of those Really Useful Things in my plans for self-improvement.

Well, it’s been three days now, and honestly, I’m finding it to be far more helpful than I expected. First, I’m no longer just doing this for me. I actually get that good feeling that I’m doing something to help someone else… which is seriously more of a buzz for me than trying to help myself. Second, it gives me a regular outlet to debrief on these issues without having to bug Kay or make her feel obligated to join me. Thirdsly, (yes, I just made that word up) it reminds me that I’m going to have to tell someone what I get up to. If I chow down on the remainder of the pot of chili, I’m going to have to admit it to my partner. That gives me pause at the moment of impulsivity… and it makes it a little bit easier to resist the temptation.

Because you all know how good I do with temptation… [insert obligatory Oscar Wilde quote here]

Finally, it gives the diet a human face. I’m not letting down some abstract cosmic diet force, I’m letting down someone I actually care about their opinion of me. (Okay, if there *were* an abstract cosmic diet force, I’d probably care about its opinion of me, but that’s just so it doesn’t sic Galactus on me if I pork up.)

Anyway, today this plan got me through a lunch out with a salad and a bacon-lettuce sandwich instead of onion rings, sliders and ribs.

So thanks, good buddy.


Tomorrow: I’ll probably whine about Nanowrimo. I miss having time to, y’know, read stuff.

  1. Laura says:

    You are just rolling in awesomeness here. Congrats to you and your buddy!

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