The Slow Slippery Slope Slide

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

The twenty-five words or less overview update (not counting the words in the title of the “twenty-five words or less overview update” because if I did, I’d be six words over before even starting to update): Diet going well. Maintaining regular housework and school with the boys (except Corwin, who’s decided at six to become “difficult.”) Kay’s birthday a success.

And then there’s Nanowrimo. O, Nanowrimo, albatross about my neck, bane of sleep, voracious vampire of verbiage… how I loathe you, come week two.

Since I’m being alliterative here, it’s the slow slippery slope slide that I start the second week. While for the first week, I nailed many of those daily deadlines, cranking out just over 1,667 words a day, it was not to last. The weekend was the killer. I needed a creative break, so took Saturday off, figuring I’d catch up. Then, of course, Sunday was Kay’s birthday and we decided to go see a movie. (We saw “Easy A,” which was damn funny. They laugh about the writer’s role in Hollywood, but a good script shows. And this had a damn good script. And, y’know, lots of Emma Stone in lingerie, which doesn’t hurt. But I digress.) So Sunday went down. Yesterday, I had to write 5000 words to catch up. I got almost a day’s worth in, so I didn’t fall further behind, but I’m still under the little purple line of success. I feel like Dave Gorman, where I’m failing to reach my Dave Gormans per mile ratio.

Now the trick for me has become not letting my backlog continue to push me down the slow slippery slope slide (or SSSS for short. Or maybe S4.)

It’d be easy at this point to say, “Ah, well, I’m already behind, what’s another day?” and then, “Oh god, look, I’m now five days behind. I can never catch up,” which leads to the inevitable, “Maybe next year,” and the sighs of relief from my spouse and housemates, who have been waiting for me to do dishes and rock with them.

But that is the perniciousness of the SSSS… so easy, so tempting… like the dark side, except without the cool ability to choke people in front of you in grocery lines using the Force.

No, I must resist the SSSS. I must press on. I must not let hedgehog_one or Davena Sharpe get their wordcount ahead of mine! I must not watch Scott Pilgrim on Blu-Ray until my 1,666 words (at least) are done!

Mind you, it doesn’t help that I just wrote 508 words for this blog and none of it counts towards my Nano novel. But Jen Williams ( just gave me a cool blogging award (which I’ll talk about tomorrow when I don’t have a deficit of 1,416 words) and I need to have something up here in case people actually come swarming to read me talk about nothing in particular. Thanks, Jen! (That was a sincere, non-sarcastic thanks, which it occurs to me wasn’t obvious by context. My bad!)


Tomorrow: That bloggy thing. And I stop counting words for different parts of my blog post.

  1. Laura says:

    Please post so we know you’re not sliding!!!

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