This Blog Contains Both Parrots AND Space Monkeys

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Did I mention that I loved Comics, Toons ‘N’ Toys? I think I’ll do it again, because aside from being true and heartfelt, it is apparently BLOG GOLD! I mean, when I was at my clever, self-improving bloggiest best, I was lucky if I got fifty hits. But invoke the power of Comics Toons ‘N’ Toys and I come in six times that. Twice.

They also discount all new comics by 10% and take an additional $1 off every $10 you order.

And this morning there was a flock of parrots in the trees outside. A flock of parrots.

Now I bet you really want to shop there, huh?

Actually, it’s kind of heartening that the post (which for some reason everyone calls an “article”) was so well received. The most important goal in writing is to communicate emotion, and from all the feedback, I think I must have been pretty successful at sharing how I feel. So thanks to all of you who read it. And even more thanks to those who contacted me or the store and placed an order for books. I didn’t get all my work done today because I was having so much fun picking things for people. I got to recommend some of my favorite comics and spread their wonderfulness to new readers, which is kind of like being a drug pusher, but you don’t go to hell for it.

In other Dougly news, since up to fifty of you might actually be reading this for that… well, several bits of good news over the last few weeks that I can share with you.

1. Christmas shopping is done. Now I can stop doing that and pound the heck out of draft two of Nine Dead Suns. I have a self-deadline of 12/31 for that, so I can send it to my dad so he can red pen the living soul out of it before visiting at the end of January.

2. I have an artist for the webcomic I’ve mentioned before! Her name is Hannah, and I ran across her during Nanowrimo this year. She appreciated my line about the space dildo, I appreciated the fact that two of her major influences are two of my favorite artists ever: Mucha and McKean. I haven’t actually told her I’m going to mention her here, so everyone be on your best behavior. More on this as we cement details… but look for Mallways in 2011.

3. I’m still two people short for the Top Ten Eleven reading group… we’re all hanging out over on Facebook divulging our favorite books and threatening to inflict one of them on the others. There’s still time for you to join the fun! All you need to do is (a) pick your favorite ten books you’ve ever read, (b) tell me you’re willing to reread them in 2011 and answer discussion questions, and (c) whatever else we decide in our literary madness to do.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who’s been helping out on the Holiday Plea, your efforts and attentions have been greatly appreciated.

Tonight I sang the words “space monkey mafia,” and realized that Billy Joel has left untapped perhaps the greatest simian space crime story ever told.


Tomorrow: Space Monkey Mafia! How can that NOT be the greatest thing, like, ever? Seriously!

  1. Laura says:

    It is great to see you posting again!!

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