A Bird On Mallways

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, I mentioned a few days ago that I’d found an artist for Mallways, the webcomic I came up with back in the hospital in May. Well, having just spent two hours chatting with her, I’d like to actually talk a little about it here. (Particularly since it’s been taking up a good bit of my creative time and energy to get started. Which is, of course, my way of backasswardsly mentioning that I’m behind on Nine Dead Suns.)

I met Hannah (who goes by “Bird” professionally… and man, is that going to save time-consuming keystrokes!) back in November during Nanowrimo. She was one of the people who reacted positively to my “I just wrote a sentence I loved” post, and so I added her as a Nano writing buddy (as I had very few and wanted people to pace myself against.) As y’all know, I didn’t make it over the finish line, but I had enjoyed her forum posts and added her on Facebook. Well, when I posted my Holiday Plea about Matt’s store, she was one of the people who responded, asking about Tick comics. She had also posted some kind of status update about her working on comics, and I thought, “Hey, maybe she’d be interested in doing a webcomic… being that I’ve got one in need of an artist.”

Then I went and checked out her stuff. (You can too, if you want, at http://www.behance.net/birdtheword) The few pieces she had up were stylistically diverse and I particularly liked her face work. And her influences? Alphonse Mucha and Dave McKean? Damn.

So, quite impressed, I made the offer and after blathering at her for a while (and showing her the original proposal) she fell for it agreed!

As I said, we had a nice long talk today to get ourselves on the same page, and I’m more excited coming out of the chat than I was going in. We talked style, character design, legal crap… and despite chatting online, her grammar and punctuation were perfect.

So what is Mallways, I hear you ask. “This wasn’t on your project list that you blathered about back in August!” Well, it sort of was, but at the time I was operating under the delusion that I could teach myself enough art to scribble out something almost as good as Corwin’s art. But now, with a real artist, it seems so much less like a creative diversion and more like a legitimate outlet for my writing and Bird’s art.

Imagine Mallways as a cross between Mallrats and Lost. Our hero, Nick, finds himself trapped in the strange pandimensional mall known as Mallways. There he must find a new life and discover what the heck is going on there. It has Viking girls, monkeys, sexy librarian chicks, MMORPGs, the Pirate Queen of the Mall and absolutely no cowboy hats. I promised.

Obviously, this will take a little time to get up and going, what with having to write scripts, get them drawn, etc. We’re aiming for a weekly rollout, probably Q2 2011. We still have little details like hosting and creating and web designing to get hashed out…

But dude… Webcomic!


Tomorrow: Wednesday. I immerse myself in non-web-comicage.


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