Only The Books On My Back

Posted: December 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

So a few years ago Kay decided she was going to take a year off from buying books.

“I have enough books,” she said erroneously. “I’m just going to take the year and read books I already have.”

“You,” I replied, “are crazy.”

“It will save money,” she said. “And I have so many books I haven’t read.”

“What if… what if a new book comes out?” I asked. “And you want to read it?”

“I will wait.”

“You,” I repeated, “are crazy.”

And yet, that bygone year, she somehow did it. She didn’t buy any new books. She also didn’t start drooling, become a Creationist, turn into salt, or any of the usual things one associates with not buying books.

So, as I approach 2011 and the Top Ten Eleven reading group, I am reminded of Kay’s mad essay into literary frugality. I was also reminded of it while I went looking for books the other day in my office. So… many… books. When I got out of the hospital in 2005, I myself went a little crazy and started hoarding media. Books, comics, DVDs… I was never going to be stuck in a hospital for six months again without six months worth of reading and entertainment on hand. As a result of that, I maybe bought… well, some might call it “too many” books. (They’d be wrong, but that’s what they’d call it anyway.) Now many of those enticing books are staring at me not from expensive bookstore shelves, but from my own, friendly, inexpensive IKEA Billy shelves.

And they want me to read them.

Soo… apparently I have gone crazy. I am going to try to go through 2011 without buying any new books.

Now, this is not the total cold turkey dive that Kay undertook. I do not count comics in this plan. That wouldn’t be mad; that would be suicide. So I will have my usual intake of comics, and the lifeline that entails. No, it’s those orders and trips to Mysterious Galaxy that will be postponed until 2012. Can I do it? All I know for sure is that…

I am crazy.


Next: My New Year Resolutions continue.

  1. Rachelle says:

    I once mentioned to a friend of mine, who is about as stereotypically sweet as you’d expect from a kindergarten teacher, that my house was over-run with too many books. I swear I saw flames in her eyes as she looked at me and said, in the most serious voice I’ve ever heard, “Rachelle, you can never. have. too many. books.” I quickly recanted and said I’d just have to buy another bookshelf.

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