The Process Pendulum

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

So, as I was excoriating myself this week for being so far behind in my writing projects, I discovered something. Something oddly heartening.

It seems that I’ve been spending most of my time since I last got writing done (middle of November) in a state of increased literary input. In fact, I spent much of December working on my reading group, the whole point of which is to reread my favorite books with a more experienced eye. I’ve also been finding my methodology of reading to be more than usually focused on style and theme rather than plot.

Apparently, I have isolated a creative phase that I hadn’t ever noticed before. I am having an intake phase.

I usually get annoyed with myself when my output dries up for a time. For the first time, however, I actually feel that this current dearth of actual wordage is an active part of the creative process. It’s not depression based, it’s not laziness, and it’s not overwork. I’ve been obsessing about character and theme, which is usually a secondary concern after plot and dialogue. It’s like every time I sit down to crank something out, my brain pops up with a polite message telling me that “systems are currently being upgraded, please check back later.”

Apparently, I’m waiting for the patch to install.

That said, I think this is a good thing. I look forward to the process pendulum swinging towards output and showing me something new.


Next: Hey, does this count as output? Or just more introspection?


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