The Prodigal Augustian Returns

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Remember when I started this blog and it was called “The August Project?”
Well, it’s August again, and what a change a year has made. (Okay, actually,
“what a change six months has made,” but who’s going to quibble over
details? (Yes, Kieran, I know *you* would.))

Anyway, since last we blogged together, I’ve (a) moved to Virginia, (b) packed all my
life into over-heavy pods, (c) converted everything I could into digital form,
(d) travelled across America, including actual camping, and (e) lost my
twelve-year tradition of spending Wednesdays at my second home, Comics, Toons
‘n’ Toys.

So, having a big Wednesday-sized hole in my life, I figured that it was time to put
that time to use getting my writing back on track. Lovely Wife Kay supported my
choice to leave her alone with the creatures for a day, and dropped me off at
Cosi (after a hour in the morning spent at a Diet Coke-less hipster coffee

I’m three hours in, and finding some things easier and some things harder. It feels
like there’s a lot of entropy to overcome on my preexisting projects… line
edits on Nine Dead Suns are okay, but attempting structural heavy lifting is
going to require a little time reacquainting myself with the book. (I’m also
carring the baggage of realizing just how much of it I stole from the Sci-Fi
Channel miniseries “The Lost Room,” but I think a little self-imposed
amnesia will fix that in a week or two.) My work on the webcomic with Bird
consisted of emailing her and saying, “Hey, I’m back. Still up for
it?” I’m hoping yes.

The best work I got done today was to finally put together my research questions
for 2000AD editor Matt Smith (no, not that Matt Smith!) I’m still on the
research and plotting stage of CCC (my Great American Novel opus) but I’m
actually, y’know… researching and plotting.

I have several great-looking apps for my new iPad to help with novel writing, but as
of yet, I don’t really know how to use any of them. That makes doing work on them
hard. I scheduled time to “learn how to use new software” (including
the new Scrivener for Windows) but I think that kind of thing is best done
puttering around late at night (likely to happen tonight with the amount of
Diet Coke in my system today…)

I think the real lesson I’m learning today is that I need to do a little (read: a lot)
of preparation before sitting down for “productive time.” Still, I
don’t feel too bad about that… this is the first Wednesday, and it’s still a
work in progress. I also think my music needs to be a little more Kate Nash and
Robyn and a little less Stevie Nicks and folk covers. Distractability will be
down next week when I have more internet connectivity during the week, too.

Still, in the end… it feels good to be working towards something rather than away from
it. I missed the feeling of my brain popping.

  1. Josh says:

    Hi! Good to hear from you. Virginia! Holy smokes. Presumably for your LWK’s job? Will that ever get to a point where it’s not causing you to relocate so frequently? (That might be a better question for her, I suppose.)

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